Busy Bee

I’m rather proud of myself, I actually spent most of my day off doing what I promised myself I’d do. Which means I had almost an entire day of sewing/sewing related activities.

First up, 2 finished Goodnight Gowns using the Doodles fabric from Joann. I’ve heard some negative things about this knit, and it has its challenges (like my machine thinks it’s delicious and loves to eat it). The shrinkage rumor was my main concern, as baby items typically get a lot of wash time, but hopefully I’ve combatted that by washing the fabric twice. The print really is just darling, and gender neutral. I’m getting the hang of sewing them too, which is good because I have at least 4 more planned out of this type of fabric.

Next is another fold n stitch wreath, I’m going to see if my sister in law likes them as much as her mom does. Her birthday is on Halloween so the urge to make her a Halloween themed one was almost overwhelming, but I restrained myself and went with generic fall instead. My other sister in law has one coming too, fall theme also but different fabrics. I managed to find some cute autumn leaf buttons for the ends, so hopefully they’ll work as well in reality as they do in my head.

I was making great time on this one until my thread broke. I thought my bobbin was out initially but when I looked it still had a fair bit left. I went to grab the end of spool to rethread and grabbed at…nothing. Apparently my spool had less on it than I thought it did, oops. Luckily Joann had a color that’s close enough to count and I can carry on as scheduled. Now if I can only figure out how to make my directional prints not be upside down, that’d be great.

Catch my breath

Crazy times here, all I’ve been able to finish is another baby blanket.

I actually found this flannel at my super Walmart, it’s super soft (and super cute, but that goes without saying). Alas I have at least 3 more little nightgowns to finish, as well as needing buttons and ribbons for my knitted set.

Part of the reason sewing has been limited is because of the animal kingdom day trip we took last Friday. One of my husbands work buddies wanted to see the new avatar ride, and we were lucky enough to get fast passes. Which is rather like snaring a unicorn, exceptionally hard and unlikely to happen again for a while.

I’d give hubby a hard time for not wearing a custom shirt, but he only has the 1. He’s got so many T-shirt’s it’s hard to justify making him a ton just so we can match. Though I will confess to ordering some awesome custom stuff that has his name on it, but it’s a ways off. Hopefully enough time to start working through the stash I’ve accumulated (I know, I think it’s funny too).

Ah well, I leave you with a picture of Mickey being adorable, just because.

Busy, busy

Whew, that was a long time without a post. Not that I’m entirely sure anybody is really out there anyway. A lot has happened, our power is back on, my sewing machine was being a booger and got cleaned and serviced. We also got to celebrate Epcot’s 35th birthday last weekend.

As fascinating as Disney is, I always try to have some knitting on hand, lines can be long and boring and waiting for shows isn’t much more fun. Generally I try to keep it to plain stockinette stitch socks, they’re small and I can knit them in the dark if need be.

I also mostly finished this little layette, it just needs buttons and ribbons. The pattern is Nouveau-Né by Stephanie Pearl McPhee, aka the Yarn Harlot. I made this sweater for my youngest niece when I found out she was a girl, but in purple. This baby is a mystery, so cream it is.

I also finished this, it’s a Fold N Stitch Wreath by poorhouse designs. I made one a couple years ago for my mother in law and it’s become a favorite, so now the goal is one for each major holiday. Luckily I had inherited the spiders from my moms stash, so I had some cute buttons to glue onto it. Unfortunately I assembled it a bit backwards, so some of the prints are upside down, but it still looks cute.

And last but not least, I finished this little cutie today. It’s a Goodnight gown by Max and Meena. Super well written and easy to assemble. It went together in under an hour, and that probably includes cutting. Fabric is doodles by Joann, though I’ve heard poor reviews on it, I actually rather liked it for this type of project. Can’t say I’d make a shirt for me, but it’ll work for baby things I think.

So that’s it in a nutshell, all caught up (well mostly anyway). I have a big project planned shortly (hint, I just ordered a massive snap kit on Tuesday).


Whew, it’s been a crazy few days around here. Irma could not make up her mind which way she wanted to go (I think she got lost on her way to Disney). Hubby and kitties had to bug out to his parents house, since I had to work I evacuated to my hospital. That was an interesting experience, but it feels like it’s made us a stronger group. Guess spending almost 2 days straight with your coworkers will do that, especially when most of your shift is sleeping in 1 room. My sewing machine and serger evacuated with hubby to the in laws too, I was so worried our huge oak wouldn’t weather the storm well. I had this horrible picture in my mind of branches crashing through my ceiling and water everywhere. Luckily that did not happen, and aside from no power everything is as we left it. Thank goodness for generators, hopefully we can at least keep the fridge/freezer cold enough. I leave you with some recent FO’s and some pictures from my hurricane experience (not of the actual storm, I was working and it was nighttime).

PS I swear my cat is ok in the above pictures, she usually likes to ride in the car but her brother hates it and she went with his attitude this time. The human driving didn’t enjoy it either.

PPS I messed up the bottom edging of that cream baby sweater because I apparently can’t read the very clear instructions in the pattern. Guess who gets to visit the frog pond as soon as I finish the current sleeve 🐸🐸

Sew Along

One of the many Facebook groups I belong to announced a sew along for a pattern I’ve been wanting to try. I knew I was off for the dates of it, so I figured I’d actually join one for once.

Day 1 was printing the pattern and cutting the pieces. The pattern is Maxaloones by Max and Meena patterns. I originally wanted to do a pair with the “bum circle ” as it’s known in the pattern, I figured if it didn’t work out I could just cut another front and still have a cute pair of baby pants.

Day 2 is today, where we sewed the bum circle and leg seams. My bum circle was a puckered disaster, so it got discarded. It’s more for cloth diapers anyway, and nobody I know uses cloth. There is a really adorable hack to make a Mickey Mouse silhouette on the butt, so I will be trying again at some point.

Tomorrow is attaching the waist and leg bands, the great thing about this pattern is that they grow in length with your kid, you just unfold the waist and leg bands until they’re fully extended. I almost finished them today just to see them done, but decided against it. They’ll make a cute addition to someone’s wardrobe.

Home away from home

This weekend finds my husband and myself at the property his family owns in northern Florida. Not the best for sewing time, but knitting time abounds. I mostly cook while we’re here, and when not cooking I knit and watch movies. There are worse ways to spend a weekend.

My situation on the way up, enjoying my knitting and some Guardians of the Galaxy. This is a Nouveau-ne by Stephanie Pearl McPhee, a sweet little sweater if ever there was one. I made one for my little niece last year, I never got to see her in it but it was precious. This one is for one of my husbands oldest friends who is going to be a daddy next year. I have several other things planned to sew as well, but it wasn’t worth dragging my machine around for a weekend trip. We’re coming back in November and I’m planning on bringing sewing with me then.

I finished this shirt on Friday, with the goal of wearing it on the drive up. Found the fabrics on a buy/sell/trade page on Facebook and knew what I wanted to do. Pattern is Blanc tshirt by blank slate patterns, it’s actually free when you buy a pattern from their site. Easy to sew and fits pretty well, I’ll probably knock a few more of these out in the future.

Anyway, off to tend the fire. Shoot, it’s only 87 outside, it’s getting downright chilly (WordPress needs a sarcasm font)


So the raglans still have no neckbands, I’m not quite sure what my malfunction is about finishing them. I have another whole raglan to go too for my mom, so I guess I better figure it out fast.

I did manage to get something done yesterday though, another Matey Muscle Tank by patterns for pirates. This time in adorable minions fabrics by Backstitch. Now he and uncle can match, kinda. Debating making leggings for his little sister, wouldn’t those be adorable??

Got a gorgeous shipment of fabric in the form of my monthly Bee Box from vinegar and honey fabrics. But I don’t think I’m supposed to post them yet. Allows time to make sure everyone gets their shipments. So far I live these monthly boxes, they’ve not let me down yet.

Also got some cute Disney Halloween fabric in yesterday. Debating making some cute leggings for my friends daughters, they’ll be down to Disney in October and it seems too perfect. It’ll be hard without measurements but I think I can make it work. My mother thinks shirts would be better, so we’ll see how that thought process works out. I’m not sure I love it for a shirt, it’s a little much for little girls. Maybe cute skirts…too many possibilities