1/2 of Christmas is done, had the first family gathering yesterday and was able to give the gifts I’ve been working so hard on.

There’s a 4th cup that says basketball Mom (like soccer Mom),but I didn’t get a picture of it. These insulated tumblers were prepared with rubbing alcohol and the decals were carefully positioned and my iron carefully applied. I emphasize carefully because it would be easy to do some serious damage with the iron if focus is lost.

Today was Christmas with my mother and her fiancé, we had a lovely dinner and I was able to give them this:

This second attempt turned out much better than the first. I think part of it has to do with the fact that I didn’t try to wax this one first. The decal had better opportunity to adhere without that thin layer. Glitter vinyl probably helped too, I think part of my problem with the regular vinyl is little air bubbles seem to get underneath when I peel the plastic off. Which made it look bizarre when I tried to re apply heat.

On to tomorrow (really later today I suppose) Christmas Eve and the 3rd of 4 family gatherings. Merry Christmas to all, hopefully I can get some sleep tonight.

Christmas is coming

Insert menacing music here. For most this time of year is a joyful celebration. But for most crafters this is the most stressful time of the year (song coming). What should I make? How many, and for whom? If you’ve been crafting for a while you start getting a rep, then the pressure is really on. How to top last year? All of the ladies in my family got casserole carriers last Christmas, and bowl cozies the year before that. The pressure is high to produce something good again.

Enter the curve ball, I have a new toy that I didn’t have last year. So what to do with my new cutting powers? The possibilities are truly endless, cute matching shirts, personalized bags, family sign. I can’t reveal my plan just yet, you never know who might stumble upon the site. Needless to say I’ve been spending a lot of time in design space playing with the perfect designs for everyone.

I’ve also been experimenting with ironing onto metal, I saw a tutorial and thought it was a neat idea. Works pretty well too, this cup is a one that I didn’t mind messing up if it didn’t work. It used to have a logo on it, but one Mickey shaped iron layer and bye bye logo.

Mickey had to be up higher than I wanted to get full coverage, so I’m going to put my name on it to cover some of the empty space. Grace of course had to make sure everything was up to standard. My little quality inspector.

Here’s the iron on used in the way it was originally intended, it was more challenging than with the cup. I had to press it several times to get it to stay stuck, particularly on the green shirt, the white shirt it stayed like a champ. Wonder if the different color glitter makes a difference. Either way, they’ll look adorable on my nephew and niece.

Last but not least is a bigger storage bag for my husband, his has just gotten too small for what he has to haul around with him. So he requested a new one and I made him pick out fabric for it. Apparently Mickey Mouse and the Rays are his ideal combo, whatever. I found a great tutorial for how to make a box bag any dimensions you want and it worked like a charm.

Alas my successes have come to an end and I must leave you, I end with a picture of socks in his natural habitat so I don’t get accused of favoritism.

Time Flies

When you’re crazy busy. These past 2 weeks have been insane. Schedule swaps, Disney trips, multiple sewing projects to finish, and a new toy has been added to my box.

Meet my new baby, the cricut explore air 2. It joined my crafting family last Wednesday and I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to play with it. And if that doesn’t show how nuts it’s been nothing will. Yesterday I managed to take it out of its box and register it on their site. I also grabbed a piece of cardstock and tried a sample cut.

Pretty darn cool eh? There are different mats for different types of materials and I think this one is too sticky for paper. It was a bear to get off, but it looks so pretty!!

And to prove I haven’t forsaken my beautiful fabrics, here is the shirt I made for my little niece, didn’t it just turn out cute?? We went to the Christmas party at Magic Kingdom and part of the fun is cookies and hot cocoa. So it was too perfect, as soon as I saw it I knew it was fated to be hers. I didn’t neglect myself either, I found these on a retail listing on the vintage lace site and snapped them up before they sold out. I may have accidentally cut the shirt off grain (ok, sideways) but luckily it’s 4 way stretch so it still fits. I really have to be more careful about checking my grain lines when I’m cutting projects that aren’t directional. This is the 2nd time that 4 way stretch has saved my booty.

I take my leave here, I have a sticker for my work clipboard to try to cut out and dinner to plan. See you all after sea world this weekend (told you it’s crazy busy around here)

Finish it Friday

Ok, I know it’s not Friday, and I haven’t actually sewn anything today. It just sounded good, let’s move on.

I did finish a fair bit last week, all 3 of my marvel shirts in fact. 2 of them have even been given to their new owners already and everything.

Here are all 3 together in all their glory. We have Thor, Captain America and Black Widow. The fabric is all from Snowy Owl Fabrics, and it is gorgeous in person. Really all these needed was to be hemmed, the Black Widow shirt needed its armbands too. And to have it’s neckline finished.

I think I’ve finally conquered the double needle too, that’s been a major challenge for me from the beginning. It’s hard to see, but if you look closely you can tell the hems are double stitched. I also hemmed the villain top I’m making for myself, but I’m trying not to show it off until it’s finished.

In other news, hubby got me a new toy. I never had much interest in pressure cookers (or even a clue what they were). Initially I had little to no interest in it, but the more research I did the more intriguing it got.

Decided to make a simple recipe to start, and it doesn’t get much simpler than mac and cheese. I thought it was pretty good, I brought it in to work so it kind of lost something when I had to reheat it in the microwave. It was ready in record time though, barely 15 minutes.

Today I went with chicken noodle soup, since the plague (cold) is going around (and around, and around). It’s hit me yet again and soup just sounded tasty. I had some difficulty with the chicken, but it was my own fault. It helps to put the cooker on pressure before you start. Still, in about an hour I had finished soup. That would’ve taken at least 2-3 hours in the crockpot. I think I’m hooked, I’m experimenting with potatoes tomorrow, bought a steamer basket today that I’m hoping will work.

Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving 🦃

Comedy of Errors

Remember that outfit I made? With the skirt and the tank? I couldn’t figure out why I ran out of fabric when I was positive I had ordered plenty. Well, when I got home I found out what had happened.

This was the pairing I had ordered, apparently I just saw blue and grabbed it in my rush to pack.

This is what I made, luckily it still coordinates nicely. I think I’ll still make the other shirt, I need some more solid tops anyway. As much as I love Disney, I prefer not to wear it all of the time.

I love how I say that but I just got another shipment of mostly Disney fabrics. The Mickey faces will be leggings for me, Frozen will be a shirt for my little niecey poo for the Disney Christmas party we’re going to at the beginning of December. There’s an Avengers print for me to replace the shirt back I made a mess of, and an adorable ninja turtles panel and print too.

The cats seem glad we’re home, they’ve been extra clingy and wanting lots of snuggles.

I’ve been having too much fun with this clingy behavior, using it to my advantage to play with the new portrait modes on my phone. Believe it or not that is an unedited shot taken with my phone. I’ve been trying to get one of Jack with this setting but he’s too lovey. Every time I call his name to get his attention he comes to me for some loving.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get back to sewing, I have a ton of projects to finish, and even more to get started. I’m hoping to hem about 6 shirts and the circle skirt tomorrow (I hate hemming). Then I can reward myself by starting something new and cute, like more Mickey leggings!

Cold Front

Fall has come at last to our vacation retreat, it was only 55 when I got up this morning. And I don’t think it’s been over 70 all day, it’s been marvelous. Perfect day to stay in and sew (I say that when it’s hot out too). It’s also our last full day up here, so I kind of had to make hay so to speak.

Lets start with Agnes by Halla, I cut this out the other day but didn’t have enough of the solid fabric to do the arm/neck bands so it got put aside. While I was cutting the skirt out I figured, why not use scraps from the skirt for arm/neck bands. So I did, and I think it’s pretty darn cute. Twirly Girl Skirt for Women is next, obviously it’s made to go with the Agnes above (and it’s in the Agnes picture). I love these skirts, this is the second I’ve sewn and as much as I’m not a skirt person, I might make a few more of these for fun.

For my sweet little niece here are 2 pairs of Leggings, also by Halla (I’m sensing an accidental theme here). The Care Bears were bought to be leggings, the avengers fabric was just a scrap buster. And the avengers pair will complement her black widow shirt nicely.

2 pairs of Ninja Leggings completely finished (except for hemming, which I hate). I’m rather proud of both of these since I managed to sew the waistband on the right way, neither of my prints are upside down!

I can’t wait to wear both of these to Disney, it’ll be interesting to see if anyone thinks they’re by a popular leggings company. The smug is strong when you get to say that you made them yourself.

Last but not least is the project I wanted finished the worst but was the most afraid of. My blanket topper and coordinate by BackStitchFabrics. Everywhere online I was hearing how horrible minky can be to work with, so I was terrified to mess with it. But it was less messy than I was expecting and went together pretty quickly. It is one of my new favorite things I’ve ever made. The back of the blanket is as gorgeous as the front, and it’s all I can do not to lock it up when I’m not using it.

Here it is in action, it’s just barely cool enough to justify snuggling down on the couch with it. But I’m willing to suffer a little bit for my art.

The blanket is the last of the vacation projects sewn by machine, most of my supplies are packed up and ready to head home. I guess for the 3.5 hour ride I can work on my quilt binding 😭. Or finish tacking the points on my fold n stitch trees 😢. My fingers are just feeling normal again, but that’s why bandaids exist I suppose. I tried a thimble but it’s so awkward that I can’t make it work.

Hungry Machine

Yesterday I decided it was time to start sewing the clothes I wanted to get done for me, figured I’d start with my October bee box fabric.

After much struggle and swearing here it is, Agnes by Halla Patterns. My machine thought this fabric was delicious, I had to remove the bottom plate of my machine 3 times to get my fabric out. Next time I’m just serging it instead of sewing on my regular machine. Luckily nobody will be examining the interior of my shirt.

Today I’ve been exceptionally productive, cutting and mostly assembling 5 shirts. Granted 3 of them are for kids, but I’m still calling it a win. Black widow is a Girls La Bella Donna by Love Notions size 2T for my niece Abby. Thor and Captain America are both Max Raglans size 6/7. Thor is for Abby’s brother Aiden and Captain America is for my niece Lyndsey. Initially Aiden was going to get both of the raglans, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought I’d ask my sister in law if Lyndsey would like a shirt. So Captains shirt has the rounded hem and the sleeves have more purple in them.

I also have most of 2 Bella Donna tops made too, this one is Mom’s. Mine is Ursula but apparently I didn’t take a picture of it. Apparently I threw away the pattern pieces for the arm binding, so I’ll end up finishing the Bella Donna trio when I get home. More planned for tomorrow, hoping to get some ninja leggings done.

I leave you with a picture of the Ooey Gooey Pumpkin Cake I made for dessert last night. Tasted wonderful but I don’t think I can make it again, this dessert has 2 sticks of butter in it. Plus cream cheese! And then you top it with whipped cream, it’s a cardiologists dream dessert.